Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rehema Home

Yesterday was quite interesting at Rehema Home.  I was a little anxious not knowing what I'd be getting myself into.  God was faithful and it worked out well.  Of course, things went in African time.  I didn't get my lunch until it was time to go.  Can you say eat on the road?!  When I arrived I was taken right into a classroom of 2nd-4th graders.  They were all so wide eyed and smiling!  Of course, my teaching mode kicked right in!  I had one little incident where one student pushed another.  That was quickly taken care of and no more trouble!

You ask what did I teach them...I asked them to sing a song for me and then worked on breathing, dynamics, phrasing and of course some diction!  We sang for 55 minutes - not the same songs of course. :)  After dinner I had the big kids ages 9-15.  I was warned about some of the older boys but I have a way with them.  It worked out fine.  They chose the same song as the younger ones and then other ones like When the Saints and Joshus Fit the Battle... The first song was very loud, hard and brash.  I turned it around and it was a lovely sound with the dynamics, correct breathing and great diction.  Irv and Ruth run the orphanga.  He said it sounded better than the Ugandian Children's Choir and said don't you want to stay?!  It was a fun day!  I go back Thursday to do it all over again.  I'm taking a choral piece that my musician friends will know - Syahamba.  I'm going to try two part harmony with the older students.  They are ready for it.

Today we are going to a ladies Bible Study.  I'm so excited as I will be able to see friends I made 17 years ago here.  I didn't know where they were.  One of them, went on safari with June, Cynthia, Julia and myself last time.  The other is a dear English lady whom June and I loved!

Thanks for your prayers and e-mails!  I appreciate them!
God bless you!

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