Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Nairobi

We've made it to Nairobi.  What should have taken an hour was a 3 hour tour...a 3 hour tour.  We got to within 10 minutes of Nairobi and thene circled for 20 minutes.  The electriciy was out at the airport.  We headed back to Mombasa and landed there.  The plane was refueled and then headed back to Nairobi.  Typical of Africa with the electricity.  It was after midnight when we finally arrived at HEART.    I managed to get up in time for morning devotions with the staff and breakfast.  This afternoon I head over to Rhemea to work with the orphans from 2-4 grade.  I have no idea what I'll be doing except singing.  I'm trusting God to provide what I need when I need it.

Thanks for your prayers!
God bless you!

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