Sunday, July 24, 2011

Last day!!

It's hard to believe this is my last day in Kenya!  Where has the time gone?  Last night we had dinner at some friends. They didn't remember my being here 17 years ago but my signature was in their guestbook. They all knew my friend June and it was nice to reminisce about her.  I found out how much they loved her and took care of her here.  It was a very sweet time.

This morning we went to church with 42 out of 60 children from Rehema Home.  This church was totally gutted by fire in March and in three months has been rebuilt.  God has really blessed them!  Worship was very good and Sylvia preached an excellent word.

After the service, I came back to Rehema and then the adults went out to lunch.  Sylvia is with the pastors, as she preached two services today.

I've been taking pictures and have had kids hanging all over me.  Tonight they will sing some of the songs we've worked on for devotions.

There have been numerous people that do not want me to leave.  I've made great connections and will return again. 

We leave at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning (10 p.m. tonight for the East Coast)  Our flight is at 8:10 a.m. (1 a.m.)  Please pray for everything to go smoothly with connections, customs and bags. 

Thanks for sharing in this adventure with me.  It's been precious!
God bless you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Older Students at Rehema

This is the older group at Rehema.  I was wrong on the other post.

Safari Pictures

Cape Buffalo - looks like the colonials with wigs!

Checking everything out for his females

Which way did he go?

What did you say?

Up close and personal


Which direction do we go?

Standing proud

The Lionness had been hunting but gave up.



Grades 2-4 at Rehema
Grades 2-4 at Rehema

Friday, July 22, 2011

Another day in the life of a missionary

Wow!  It's been busy around here!  Yesterday ... there was a yesterday....let's see...I've been up since 5:15 a.m. this morning so it's a little fuzzy...I had some free time in the morning to take some pictures.  Then after lunch, Sylvia and I went to Rehema.  She shared with their staff and then I taught the younger students 2 part harmony.  It was very cool!  I stayed for dinner and Sylvia went back to HEART.  I worked with the older students after dinner.  We did try Siyahamba.  They almost had it in a 1/2 hour.

Today I went to the Nairobit National Park.  One of the interns joined me.  It was great fun!  We saw lots of animals including a pride of lions. A lionness that was on a hunt crossed right in front of the vehicle.  I got some great pictures!  There were lots of giraffes and zebras.  We also saw a cape buffalo, some rhinos, elams, impalas and ostriches. 

After being at the park, we went to the elephant orphanage.  They had quite a few elephants there.  I watched them being bottled fed.  It was cute.  On the way home, which took 2 hours in Nairobi traffic, some baboons crossed the street in front of us.

I know, I know where are the pictures.  They'll be coming once I get them loaded on the computer.  We're going out to dinner at someone's house.  I believe they're on the board of HEART.  HEART does have a website if you'd like to check it out.

Thanks for your e-mails and prayers!  All are appreciated.  Tomorrow we move to Rehema for our last two days.  It should be interesting!

God bless you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A couple of pictures

Guest House - for mission teams
Sylvia is staying here.
HEART - where we're staying

Entrance to HEART compound
Vickie's home where I'm staying
Right hand side
Judi and Diane - we went on safari 17 years ago!!

A full day in Nairobi.

Today was a full day. I managed to get a walk in with one of the missionaries.  She just opened up and shared with me things that wereon her heart.  It was just another one of the confirmations that I'm doing what I'm suppose to be doing.

The  morning started with Sylvia sharing with the staff here at HEART.  After lunch we went to the ladies' Bible Study. Sylvia taught there, too. It was an enjoyable time with much fellowship, rich teaching and prayer.  There were two ladies there I had met 17 years ago.  One had been on the safair with me and recognized my face.   I enjoyed reconnecting with her.  She works at Rehema which means mercy in Swahili.  She wasn't there the other day but I'll be able to see her again tomorrow.

A group of us went out to dinner at the Nairobi Java House.  No, I didn't have coffee but enjoyed a great vanilla shake and a fun time!

It's after 1 a.m. so I'm going to try to sleep now. 
Thanks for your prayers!
God bless you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rehema Home

Yesterday was quite interesting at Rehema Home.  I was a little anxious not knowing what I'd be getting myself into.  God was faithful and it worked out well.  Of course, things went in African time.  I didn't get my lunch until it was time to go.  Can you say eat on the road?!  When I arrived I was taken right into a classroom of 2nd-4th graders.  They were all so wide eyed and smiling!  Of course, my teaching mode kicked right in!  I had one little incident where one student pushed another.  That was quickly taken care of and no more trouble!

You ask what did I teach them...I asked them to sing a song for me and then worked on breathing, dynamics, phrasing and of course some diction!  We sang for 55 minutes - not the same songs of course. :)  After dinner I had the big kids ages 9-15.  I was warned about some of the older boys but I have a way with them.  It worked out fine.  They chose the same song as the younger ones and then other ones like When the Saints and Joshus Fit the Battle... The first song was very loud, hard and brash.  I turned it around and it was a lovely sound with the dynamics, correct breathing and great diction.  Irv and Ruth run the orphanga.  He said it sounded better than the Ugandian Children's Choir and said don't you want to stay?!  It was a fun day!  I go back Thursday to do it all over again.  I'm taking a choral piece that my musician friends will know - Syahamba.  I'm going to try two part harmony with the older students.  They are ready for it.

Today we are going to a ladies Bible Study.  I'm so excited as I will be able to see friends I made 17 years ago here.  I didn't know where they were.  One of them, went on safari with June, Cynthia, Julia and myself last time.  The other is a dear English lady whom June and I loved!

Thanks for your prayers and e-mails!  I appreciate them!
God bless you!

A Few Pictures

Syvlia and Diane on the Dhow
Sunset in Mombasa
Mosquito netting over my bed

In Nairobi

We've made it to Nairobi.  What should have taken an hour was a 3 hour tour...a 3 hour tour.  We got to within 10 minutes of Nairobi and thene circled for 20 minutes.  The electriciy was out at the airport.  We headed back to Mombasa and landed there.  The plane was refueled and then headed back to Nairobi.  Typical of Africa with the electricity.  It was after midnight when we finally arrived at HEART.    I managed to get up in time for morning devotions with the staff and breakfast.  This afternoon I head over to Rhemea to work with the orphans from 2-4 grade.  I have no idea what I'll be doing except singing.  I'm trusting God to provide what I need when I need it.

Thanks for your prayers!
God bless you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Leaving Mombasa

My time in Mombasa is coming quickly to an end.  It has been WONDERFUL!   What a great retreat we had with the missionaries!  It was sad to see everyone go back to their various places.  Most are Kenya but one couple was from Tanzania.

Friday night we did a dhow (boat ride) to Fort Jesus.  It was a beautiful night and I got some great pictures of the sunset on the water. We had a light and sound show of the history of the Fort.   Then we had dinner outside by candelight.  That was really cool!  After dinner we had communion in a circle with everyone.  That was such a precious time after learning about everything that had gone on at the Fort.

Yesterday was a long day with 2 services at the Elim Church.  Sylvia preached twice and she was very anointed.  Afterwards they video taped her for a documentary for the church.  We finally got to lunch around 4:30 p.m.  We ate a hotel on the water.  It was very nice!

We are the last ones here today.  I've walked the beach and bought a kyamba for school.  It's a flat shaking instrument.  I'm sure the kids will enjoy it.

We leave here at 4 p.m. for a 6 p.m. flight to Nairobi.  We'll be staying at a guest house of one of the missionaries I met here. 

Thanks for your prayers!  I couldn't have done it without that coverage!
God bless you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Greetings from MOMBASA!

Greetings from Mombasa!  What an adventure!  We arrived here safely on Tuesday morning.  One of Sylvia's bags didn't arrive here.  We're still waiting on it.  Hopefully, today it will arrive.

The retreat has been wonderful!  I've thoroughly enjoyed playing the keyboard and leading a song or two.  Sylvia's teaching has been very anointed.  Please continue to pray for her.  There was a suddend death of a dear friend - Joy, sister of Ben Dodzweit.  It's been hard on Sylvia but she is a trooper and is pressing on.

I'm enjoying meeting the missionaries and chatting with them.  God is so good!

Hopefully today I'll get in the ocean and pool. 

I've adjusted fairly well to the time zone.  PTL!  I'm loving the fresh fruit!!  I've tried some new things and yes, Amy, I'm eating fish - daily!!  The Red Snapper is really good. 

God bless!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're in Mombasa!! The trip from Amsterdam to Nairobi was uneventful PTL! Sylvia sat next to someone with an association to Elim coming back home to Nakuru. She had a fun time chatting with him. We were late leaving Nairobi due to computer issues on the plane. We made it here safely, thank the Lord!

We've gotten settled in for the moment. This place is beautiful! Right on the Indian Ocean. The room is nice. There are mosquito curtains around each bed. We had lunch with some of the missionaries. I walked Sylvia back to her room and then went out to look around. I have a worship rehearsal at 5 p.m. Dinner's at 7 p.m. and then the evening begins at 8-11 p.m. This is the only night session I hope I can make it that late! We start at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.

That's the news from Kenya. Thanks for your prayers!
God bless you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

In Amsterdam

We've made it to Amsterdam!  We were late leaving Rochester and JFK.  However, we made it to Amsterdam an hour earlier.  Go figure!

We are at a new found friend's house resting.  She's a friend of a church friend.  Thank you Margarete for connecting us with her!

Neither one of us slept well last night.  I've taken a short nap and Sylvia is napping right now.  Please pray that things go well tonight.  We have one more night flight to make it to Africa!  Two legs down, one to go.

Thanks for your prayers!
God bless you!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

1 Day left to go!!

Here I am ready to go to Africa.  The hat was given to me by a dear friend at school.  It has SPF 50 in it.  Pretty cool!  However, I really don't like hats.

Am I ready to go?  When I get on the plane, I will be.  Not a whole lot of sleep the last two nights. I've been busy doing last minuter errands trying to get things - adapter/convertor, etc.  Last night I stayed up packing until midnight.   Am I finished?  Almost.  I just want to make sure I have the right things with me.  I'll be staying in two different areas - Mombasa on the Indian Ocean and Nairobi further inside but in Southern Kenya.  The weather will be slightly different in both areas.  Mombasa will be warm and humid.  Nairobi will be cooler at night.  It's their winter right now.

Hopefully a good night sleep tonight sleep tonight before church in the morning.  I'll try to post before we leave tomorrow night.

God bless!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Counting Down to Africa 3 days to go!

Today I got my last shot - Typhoid.  I spent most of the day in the Rochester area getting things taken care of before I leave on Sunday.  I finally have my laptop and an adapter/convertor so I can hopefully update this blog while in Africa.  I still need to figure out how to upload the pictures on it and post them. 

I found out today that we were able to get coach economy.  That gives me 5 extra inches for my legs.  Can you say S-T-R-E-T-C-H?    We are also going to be able to get out of the aiport in Amsterdam.  We have a nine hour layover there.  A missionary friend of a friend is kind enough to host us and take us back to the airport for our evening flight to Nairobi.  The Lord is taking care of every detail.  I just need to rest in Him!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Count Down to Africa!

WOW!  Four days to go!  Sunday will be here in no time!

As I was reading this morning, the Lord brought to mind, Galatians 6:10 - Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all especially to those who are of the household of faith.  This trip is to go and be an encouragement to the missionaries.  That is something that is near and dear to my heart. 

Of course, there are those obstacles that one faces along the way when preparing for a missions trip.  Those of you who have been out on the field know exactly what I am talking about it.  :-)  It gets to the point, I just starting laughing or else I'd be crying.   The other night my grill wouldn't work when I had company over.   Last night it was taking the new laptop to Best Buy and bringing the wrong software for them to load on.  It wouldn't be such a hassle except it's 40 minutes away from here.  For Sylvia, she's losing her voice.  Please pray for her.

So you can see it's going to be a marvelous time once we arrive there!

Have a great day!
God bless!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Count Down to Africa!

I can't believe in 5 days I will be on my way to Kenya.  Seventeen years ago I made the trek to a visit friend in Nairobi.  This time it will be to travel with Sylvia Evans from Elim Bible Institute and also from my church.  We are going to a Retreat for missionaries in Mombasa first.  I will be able to play keyboard for worship.  I haven't done that in awhile and am looking forward to it.  We will head back to Nairobi after the retreat for a week. 

Now, to get things ready at home before I leave.  I will try to update this blog throughout the trip.

God bless!