Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A full day in Nairobi.

Today was a full day. I managed to get a walk in with one of the missionaries.  She just opened up and shared with me things that wereon her heart.  It was just another one of the confirmations that I'm doing what I'm suppose to be doing.

The  morning started with Sylvia sharing with the staff here at HEART.  After lunch we went to the ladies' Bible Study. Sylvia taught there, too. It was an enjoyable time with much fellowship, rich teaching and prayer.  There were two ladies there I had met 17 years ago.  One had been on the safair with me and recognized my face.   I enjoyed reconnecting with her.  She works at Rehema which means mercy in Swahili.  She wasn't there the other day but I'll be able to see her again tomorrow.

A group of us went out to dinner at the Nairobi Java House.  No, I didn't have coffee but enjoyed a great vanilla shake and a fun time!

It's after 1 a.m. so I'm going to try to sleep now. 
Thanks for your prayers!
God bless you!

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